Renaissance Man [Prod. by Scott Supreme]

by ElonSkee

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[Verse 1]
Father to three, mother to four
King of a son, hustling forward
Nobody knows exactly what I hustle toward
Turn up the dial if it's breaking go on and shuffle the cord

I had to tone it down for the sake of the convo
I give a little so they want more
I'm on stage anticipating an uproar encore
You sitting still then what you come for

I turn page' living another day in the life
Conforming to the norm I ain't saying it's right
Important that I show'em we were made for the lights
I could pave a way of my own you gave in to hype

It don't matter what you say if you don't stand for it all
I leapt over the summer and I ran into fall
Way ahead of the pack I was running never crawled
And I always been the man as far as I recall

A killer instinct rhyme put up numbers like Nsync
Pull up on your block like killa all up in pink
They know the timing whenever E back to rhyming
This that ramen in the trap dope boy going diamond

And I'm finding I'm the nice one
I lay a record I don't smoke but wanna light sumn
Target a rapper you you I'm coming after to stick you into a chapter
The bloodshed inciting more continuous laughter

I'm prying trough the window after climbing up the ceil
All of this is for a living I ain't do it for the thrill
I'm running up a hill with an imaginary slope
All to kick in label doors and tell'em how I want a deal

In my heart I could feel where it's all gonna go
But the heart don't play a part in what they want you to know
I sleep late wake early repeat
You got to understand that you're looking at defeat

I worked time and time and time again
Had rhymes with friends with whom I ain't making amends
I'm instilled with the spirit of a warrior so
I'm knocking bowser out the picture like a mario bro

Couple other fine details I want you to know
Look both ways when you're crossing the road
'cause I could never stress how much I'm coming for the mine
And I ain't leaving 'til I carry every diamond I could find

[Hook] x4
No I ain't leaving 'til I carry every diamond I could find

[Verse 2]
I felt the urgency
To pen it in a ward of emergency, uh
The new sounds been irking me
I been breaking new ground in purposely

As I take a pen and pad I pen it back to front
What I get done in a sitting you couldn't do in a month
I'm working to exceed my exceeded work ethic
I got to seperate the Theodore's from the pathetics

I'm unapologetic to anybody offended
If I said your shit is trash then I actually meant it
I'm a menace in actuality now don't be mad at me
Your favorite artist is another fatality

Prepare for combat sick I been a killer on contract
With or without physical contact
Your money real long but your bars don't hold
Yeah your bitch type hot but your song type cold

[Hook] x3
But your song type cold


released April 25, 2016
Written by ElonSkee
Production by Scott Supreme
Recorded, Arranged & Mixed by ElonSkee



all rights reserved