March 2016 [Prod. by Mr. Kooman]

by ElonSkee

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Bout time that he drop
Know them niggaz been watching
Bout time that they cop
Know them niggaz been copping

Bout time that he hit it to the millisecond
I'm intercepting you sweating
I run a play and demonstrate what I'm getting
I ain't letting any up into any part of my section

I'm in a whole other bag
Bitch niggaz in a whole other drag
'til it's platinum plaques I'm on go while you platinum wrap
I'm on track to hit a dime and platinum that

I got a whole other view
I see things in a whole other hue
Why they always want to talk about if he was I and I was you
Then he'd of blew go on and give'em a tomb

And let'em sit up in a grave, chin up to the grays
While I'm kinda plotting to launch shit up into space
I do it so they could see that I did it and get it going
I'm flowing out of control and I start ain't no controlling

I'm withholding what you could never lay
God sport we playing where you could never play
Should any artist want to, turn this into Colorado
Playing with fire you're dying dire to get doused in quarter water

I came from nothing so I can't leave
It's ironic I drop clips still they can't breathe
You wanna become a star, firstly you got to reach for the bar
Boom the next time you take a seat in the car

Detonating I'm demonstrating my sole occupation
I'm into making those that are in the making go on vacance
It's like the second they forget that I been a threat
Is the second I draw the weapon like a lit cigarette (gone)

Nah I'm lying this my return and I'm keeping the fire burning
With every penny I earn and in keeping the tire turning
Never tired you learn when you shoot for the stars
You are too with the gods learning

I'm at odds playing cards that won't heal
Down on my luck it gets so close yet no deal
You fire you gon feel' had to learn the hard way
Clicked up tryn get bucks in the hallway

Hearing my year, my year, my year, mine too!
Better find us for they find you
Decade in it should I take minute to get it
Where they couldn't and know they wouldn't you would surely regret it

I know they listen like there's no air
Jordan on the mic got a throne here
Couple mill that's if they talking a deal that and
A whole field for the white getting grown there, it's our year!


released March 7, 2016
Written by ElonSkee
Production by Mr. Kooman
Recorded, Arranged & Mixed by ElonSkee



all rights reserved