The Unpopular [Prod. by The Trill]

by ElonSkee

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[Verse 1]
Happy we could have a discussion
Figured I could tone it down with the lathered percussion
Fighting battles I always win because losing just ain't an option
I ease in beat'em and leave'em for dead or adoption

I'm ecstatic to see the game now
Ain't much change I'm entertaining the same crowd
I'm all alone and it's too real I put the wondering in how you'd feel
If you turnt this much coke, into deals

Recognize it's all in the war path
Years of preparation and taking a cold bath
Fears of elevating rejecting a whole bag
There's a price you pay should you ever could hold that

Still I'm feeling like whatever's before 2
Put your best foot in I'm coming before you
Got to be a wolf never act too cordial
Cause we will never die and they're but mere mortals

I do it for all of the real rap folk
And the spend it while you live cause if I had to admit
When you die everybody go flat broke
Nothing but a button up and a black coat

Now I'm on my way in, waiting in the ring
Waiting on a weigh in tired of waiting and
It'll be over in a mistrial, I switch lens
Switch ends then I switch styles

The unpopular...
This for the unpopular, this for the unpopular
Get it how you live, get it how you live
I just want to live, all I know is go big

And I do it for...
The unpopular, this for the unpopular
Get it how you live, get it how you live
I just want to live, all I know is go big

[Verse 2]
I'm on a, mission...
Wishing everybody would listen
While they were hugging and kissing I been all up in the kitchen
Cooking up another, "shit it's gonna hit again and"

I been sinning ever since I had a flow
I been grinning ever since I had dough
Pulling bad women even in my bad clothes
Good riddance to the days living out a bad joke

Now we on a yacht oversees from a block where the p's
Go cheap and the women all flock for the cheese
I was in degrees under the point of freeze
Old socks and my jeans ain't wash in a mean

Minute, no matter how you spin it
You could understand but that don't mean that you get it
I work too hard all to play too hard
All it takes is two bars and I always set it



released January 25, 2016
Written by ElonSkee
Production by The Trill
Recorded, Arranged & Mixed by ElonSkee



all rights reserved